APPI: physiological and communication fire hood

The APPI ® Fireproof hood (Active Personal Protection Instrument) is "fire" certified according to CE-EN13911. It was designed for firefighters and allows you to insert you active protection and communication equipment: APPI-Phy and APPI-Com.
Protection and ergonomics.
Thanks to its registered design, the APPI hood offers great flexibility and may be used standalone, with APPI-Phy or with APPI-Com, or with both instruments - no visible wiring for the wearer making this hood a "Physio-Communication" device!
Compatible with equipment such as breathing apparatus (SCBA), its high elasticity allows fast and simple fitting and removal.

Designed and manufactured in France, the APPI protective hood is made of Aramid fibers (99%) and 1% antistatic fibers. Colors: red and beige, universal fits-all size.
The APPI-Com and APPI- Phy instruments are quickly & easily removed from the hood permitting regular machine wash.
Designation Reference
APPI Fire hood BS-APX-00001