APPI Remote Speaker Microphone

Self-powered Remote Speaker Microphone for professionals, Dedicated to the “support” member who needs to listen and eventually talk with a PTT (push to talk), this system is available on APPI-Com systems with version 1.7 and above.
Communication quality.
The RSM30 includes a speaker and a microphone with a PTT: specifically set for the APPI-Com module, with possibility to connect an ear bud of three kinds: "around the ear", “acoustic tube” or “in ear” speaker.
It has its own audio amplification for optimal listening quality and the battery is charged on any USB charger.
Hygiene and ergonomics.
Micro-HP can be equipped with several ear accessories with removable and interchangeable tips.
Connection and safety
Exclusive APPI® high reliability connector: metallic, circular, keyed, self-latched and push-pull locking.
Designation Reference
APPI Remote Speaker Microphone BS-APC-RSM30
Ear Piece for RSM30 BS-APC-RSM100
Intra Era Piece for RSM30 BS-APC-RSM101
Acoustic tube for RSM30 BS-APC-RSM102