Bone conduction with boomer micro

Audio accessory with noise-canceling microphone and bone conduction speaker. The ears are fully exposed with this professional instrument - committed to “heavy duty” professionals.
Communication quality.
This equipment is intended for the most demanding use by defense personnel, it is suitable ffor harsh, marine (IP68 certified, i.e. watertight) and noisy environments, with a noise-canceling microphone and a bilateral bone-conduction microphone for operation in harsh conditions.
Hygiene and ergonomics.
French designed and manufactured, the bone-conduction headband permits wearing of a dust mask, a gas mask, and of course, the usual protection helmet!
Connection and safety
Exclusive APPI® high reliability connector: metallic, circular, keyed, self-latched, IP68
Designation Reference
Bone conduction - Boomer BS-APC-OSTB01