Noise cancelling audio headset

This passive noise-canceling audio headset with boomer microphone has double articulation. This accessory is specifically configured for the APPI-Com and shows a 32dB sound insulation.
Communication quality.
This professional headset is equipped with an insulating shell (ABS) adapted to conversations in noisy environments and operates "hands-free" without PTT (push-to-talk) - the audio accessory for users in high noise environments.
Hygiene and ergonomics.
The APPI-Com noise-canceling headset has a flexible retaining strap to allow wearing of safety helmet, while the metal bow on the neck side ensures proper positioning.
Connection and safety
Exclusive APPI® high reliability connector: metallic, circular, keyed, self-latched, IP68
Designation Reference
Noise cancelling Audio headset – No PTT BS-APC-CAB02