Talon and Phantom Throat microphone

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Throat vibration Audio device: mounts to the neck to transduce larynx vibrations only, making the APPI-Com system adapted to wind and noisy environments (engine room, factories, airports, quarries, hunting, skiing, etc.). The system is insensitive to voice distortion caused by respirators or breathing apparatus (SCBA). Availlable in ATEX version.
Communication quality.
Equipped with an D-Shape "speaker", an ear bud speaker or an in-ear acoustic tube with rubber ear print, this system provides very good audio quality, adaptable to either the left or right ear.
Specifically configured for the APPI-Com module, it is very much appreciated by highly demanding users in hostile environments due to its excellent isolation from environmental noise.
Hygiene and ergonomics.
The throat microphone permits an exposed face for air filtering or other breathing masks, a chemical suit etc. A mini speaker also allows integration under a helmet or noise protection (fire, hock, etc.).
The elastic “collar" allows a more tightly fitted positioning for intensive movements or intense sweating situations. In addition, the acoustic tube includes replaceable foam for optimum hygiene.
Connection and safety
Exclusive APPI® high reliability connector: metallic, circular, keyed, self-latched, IP68
Designation Reference
TALON throat microphone - No Speakers BS-APC-LARC02
TALON throat microphone ATEX - No Speakers BS-APC-LARCA2
D-Shape speakers for throat microphone BS-APC-ELARC01
In-ear speakers for throat microphone BS-APC-ELARC02
In-ear speaker for throat microphone BS-APC-ELARC03