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Professional radios: confidentiality!

Walkie-talkie based systems, wireless DECT and others may have a major drawback: anyone can often “intercept” the communication only by using similar equipment and access the conversations with a minimum of handling. Similarly, the conversation on the GSM network can be "spied" with devices available on the market, and only "professional" or "military" products can maintain confidentiality.

To respect the conversation’s confidentiality the APPI-Com system uses several levels of security and encryption. At first, the coded data would only be readable by an equivalent product in its “conference” subnet: thanks to a special encapsulation of data packets only the concerned terminals would enter into the conversation. They may as well be set in a “secret” mode so that no “external” APPI-Com terminal would be able to listen to them. Finally, a third level of coding can be used to create “groups” of users: professionals, police, customs, construction companies or other large groups can have their communications systems on their own secure digital network.