In ear microphones and headsets

A headset incorporating an earphone and an optimised in-ear microphone for applications where it is impractical or impossible to use a microphone boom, but clear and precise communications is essential for safety, instruction and conversation.
Communication quality.
Incorporating an optimised microphone designed to respond to speech from the ear canal and a high quality earphone, the headset can fulfil the demands of a number of applications including communications within a CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear) type of protective suit/respirator, public order personnel and situations where a boom microphone may be impractical or unsuitable.
Hygiene and ergonomics.
This device is equipped with interchangeable bands comfortable on the ear [BS-APC-BOHURC].
Connection and safety
Exclusive APPIĀ® high reliability connector: metallic, circular, keyed, self-latched, IP68
Designation Reference
In Ear Microphones and Headsets BS-APC-DBHS
Pair of clear regular ear tip BS-APC-BOHURC