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Full duplex without “Master” or “Base”

For professionals in the field, the priority is to maintain communication in the team: it is not acceptable that the loss of any of the terminals (signal loss or failure) terminates the communication between the others! This continuity of service requires each terminal to independent from the others: such a network without base or "synchronization master" excludes the Bluetooth, DECT or WiFi technologies, those having a very short range anyway. Other technologies provide a "conference" mode on a single channel but use one of the terminals to synchronize the others: again, the signal loss of this “master” terminal stops the communication, an unacceptable consequence when safety is engaged!

To provide this independence of each module, APPI-Com uses a configuration where each terminal is self-synchronized: this method ("SyncAll" exclusive patent) insures that the loss of any terminal does not hang up the communication between the others. Similarly, upon his return to radio range, the “lost” module automatically syncs back into the conversation: a local network really dedicated to the team at work!