Miniset : Intra-ear bone conduction microphone

Miniset : Intra-ear bone conduction microphone

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2 speakerphones :
BS-APC-M3hDL02 : Left ear / 2 HP – 90° plug connector
BS-APC-M3hDR02 : Right ear / 2 HP – 90° plug connector

BS-APC-M3hDXL01 : ATEX, left speaker & intra-ear BC mic + right speaker

BS-APC-M3hDXR01 : ATEX, right speaker & intra-ear BC mic+ left speaker


Built-in audio device: speaker and in-ear microphone (only one ear is occupied to keep in touch with the environment).
This technological innovation makes it possible to get rid of an external microphone because the voice is directly collected in the ear canal by bone conduction.
Outside noise insulation for comfortable communication (29 to 32 dB). Enable whisper mode conversation even in very noisy environments.

It is strongly recommended to watch this video to properly set up your equipment.