Close monitoring


Protecting a person amongst a large crowd, intervening at the slightest sign of alarm! No time to press a button or wait for a colleague’s phrase to end, and then to acknowledge...With APPI-Com one can speak freely at any time and without requiring any action (button to press? Activate a microphone? Choose or change a channel?). There is no longer a choice to be made between protecting the VIP person and communicating!
Total discretion is assured by the compact size of the APPI-Com and its audio accessory. The "integrated antenna" version can fit into a shirt or vest pocket, whilst the-all-in-one audio MiniSet is neatly and discretely worn in-ear. Finally, security is guaranteed thanks to the SyncAll® technology. If any member leaves the local network (out of range, power down, flat battery), the others remain in communication regardless.

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