How is the APPI-Com radio used?

By simply pressing the radio’s button, it switches on within seconds, allowing it to synchronize with other existing APPI-Com radios in your group within the vicinity.

Can I use the radio without a headset? Is there a microphone included on the device?

No, it is necessary to connect a suitable wired or Bluetooth enabled headset.

What is the range of the system?

The APPI-Com LR systems have a range of up to 2km or 1.2 miles.
However the maximum range is a function of the terrain and any obstructions or strong interference. Choice of antenna is also important.

How do I switch voice-com using the APPI-Com?

No need to: The APPI-Com radio functions in full conference mode with other radios in the same group, just like a normal telephone conversation.

How many users can there be in a group?

An unlimited number of users is possible in a group.

How does one converse in a group of unlimited users?

The system favours audio quality: beyond 3 users, 2 users are prioritized (designated TALK), while the remaining users (designated MULTI) can intervene in alternating fashion with automatic voice-activation or even manual PTT.

How many different radio channels can coexist in the same operating zone?

Depending on various countries and their local regulations, there could be anywhere between 19 up to 32 independent channels.
For more information, consult the Technical Specifications

If one of the radios goes out of range away from other synchronized users, will the communication channel remain alive for them?

APPI-Com is the only radio communication system of this nature with the SyncAll® patented technology. It guarantees the communication channel open for those going out of range for when they come back into range – this feature not requiring any special aggregator base or “Master” station to make it happen.

Is the communication secured ?

APPI-Com radios transmit on a proprietary, digitally encoded, auto-deployed radio network operating in the license free bands around the world.
The maximum radio emitted power level is capped at 500mW which is 4 times less than a smartphone.
Moreover the system prevents not only any form of intrusion from any other voice-com radio but also from another unknown APPI-Com LR.

What are the frequencies and transmission power used by the system?

APPI-Com operates in the license free ISM bands 863 MHz – 870 MHz in Europe (EMEA), and in the equivalent band of 902 MHZ – 928 MHz for the US & Canada.
The maximum radio emitted power level is capped at 500mW which is 4 times less than a smartphone. No radio operating license or mobile phone plan is required to operate it at these frequencies.
SAR : 1.1 @ 1.24W/kg depending on region variant. Please refer to specifications.

Is the APPI-Com LR radio succeptible to enviromental noise?

APPI-Technology proposes a multitude of audio peripherals suitable for practically any situation, includes DSP noise reduction and the adjustment of microphone sensitivity (VOX mode) which allows for visual microphone level settings based on environmental factors. See our QuickStart

Can APPI-Com radios operate in harsh environments?

APPI-Com is certified for very harsh environments.

  • Waterproof up to IP66 or IP67
  • Choc resistance to IK8
  • ATEX certification for most common zones.

What is an ATEX APPI-Com radio?

The ATEX APPI-Com radios address the requirements of electronic equipment for use in potentially Explosive Atmospheres which is subject to the ATEX Directive guidelines as per ATEX 2014/34/EU

Is it possible to use the radio with breathing apparatus?

The size of a credit card and weighing at less than 80g makes the APPI-Com extremely compact and light, easy to wear under protective suits, and easy to connect to audio peripherals that are or can be integrated in such breathing apparatus.

What is the Bluetooth mode for?

Bluetooth mode allows for pairing to a Bluetooth enabled audio peripheral for wireless audio, or to a Smartphone for taking private phone calls or placing the group in phone communication with a distant operator.

Is there training available for the use of the radios?

APPI-Com was made to be ergonomic and easy to operate. Check out our tutorial videos to learn more.

Where can I find the complete user’s guide?

The supplied USB key contains the user’s guide and for basic operation the QuickStart guide is found in the equipment case.

What is the standard warranty?

Depending on country warranty can be from 12 to 24 months. For more information, contact us.

What is the expected battery life?

It is between 6 to 10 hours depending on extent of use.

How do I charge and how long does it take to fully charge the battery?

With the supplied USB charger it will take about 1h30.

Where do I find the serial number of my radio?

  • It is given on the back of the device.
  • It is also displayed on the screen at startup. Simply charge the radio if not already charged and press the on button.

What is a KIT and how is it assigned?

A KIT designates a group of radios that may communicate together. Every radio with the same KIT number belongs to the same radio group.
This number is factory generated and assigned. It can also be generated and assigned with the supplied configuration software if you should wish to modify it.

What is the difference between a TALK radio and a MULTI radio?

The radios that are in “TALK mode” are prioritized and constantly present in a full-conference conversation.
The radios that are in “MUTLI mode” are able to intervene in a full-conference conversation through voice detection and in an alternating manner.

What do the yellow icons on the screen correspond to?

The first two chasers indicate the average signal reception levels of the radios in TALK mode.
The third chaser indicates the average signal reception level of either a third “TALK” mode radio, or that of a “MULTI” mode radio that is intervening in the conference conversation.
The ecran_smiley represents your position in the communication.
The chaser on the top right represents the estimated battery level.


In the example above::

  • The ecran_smiley is in second place, so you are a TALK radio in rank 2.
  • You have an excellent connection with your TALK partner in rank 1.
  • You have no connection with row 3 (either it is a MULTI that does not speak, or it is a TALK that is not within range, or you are only a group of 2).

Is it possible to cut the microphone of some or any of the team members?

  • If such a team member is required to only intervene in certain or urgent situations then a head-set with a PTT/DUPLEX switch may be used for him/her. Consequently he or she may switch their microphone in/out with the simple press of the PTT button when required.
  • If your team member requires no vocal intervention and is required only to listen-in, then their radio may be configured for the “LISTEN” only mode.

How to extend the battery life?

  • The radio ECO mode may be chosen to extend battery life at the expense of radio range. This reduces transmission power and extends battery life at the expense of radio range.
  • The COM & CHARGE option can be employed with the special Splitter Cable, which allows battery charging and normal radio operation simultaneously. This option however is not available for any of the ATEX qualified radios.

How do I hear myself in very noisy environments?

The radio “Sidetone” feature may be used to adjust the amount of their audible voice feedback a user hears in their own head-set. For more information, please consult your user guide.

What is VOX and how do I adjust it?

The VOX allows the adjustment of head-set microphone sensitivity to adapt voice capture according to the environment: reducing in it to better capture the voice and less environmental noise, or to increase it to better capture low level voice and/or whispers. Please see the QuickStart.

How to choose the antenna?

There are several antennas certified with the APPI-Com to propose a good compromise between range and required coverage.

Can I unscrew and replace an antenna?

It is not advised to unscrew the antenna as it may affect the range, unless the user ensures it is screwed back in its original place without adding dirt and dust to the antenna connector.
In the case of the ATEX qualified radios or FCC certified radios, it is actually “illegal” to replace the original antenna and doing so will likely also void the APPI-Com warranty.

The range is not enough in my case so what can I do?

The APPI-Com system is limited to 2 km line-of-sight range. However it is possible to augment this through various other wired or wireless means to achieve unlimited range. Please contact us for further customized options we may be able to propose.

How do I send a beep alarm to the others in a group?

Pressing power button twice will send an alarm message to all others on the network. Please see the QuickStart Guide for further details.

What is the Pack Safety?

The pack Safety includes:

  • The “Lone Worker” alert feature for detecting and message alerting “man down” situations.
  • The “Safeline” alert feature for detecting and alerting the loss of radio communication with a teammate in a group.


What is the red dot on my cylindrical audio head-set connector for?

This red dot indicates the keying of the male peripheral connector with the female radio connector. Ensure they are aligned when mating the two.

How do I remove the audio headset from the radio?

Under no circumstances twist the connectors when disconnecting. The APPI-Com connections are mated using an automatic locking mechanism to prevent all possibility for accidental disconnection. To remove the audio headset from the radio simply unlock by gently pulling back on the connector ring which releases the connector from its mating part on the radio. Do not pull by the cable as this will not unlock the mechanism and may damage the cable internally. Refer to the QuickStart Guide for further details.

Can I use other head-sets not proposed by APPI-Technology?

APPI-Com radios are compatible with over sixty different audio headsets available on the market. On the other hand should you wish to make use of your Bluetooth enabled headset, even though we recommend our tested Bluetooth enabled devices, you may use any such Bluetooth enabled device available on the market.

How do I chose a suitable head-set?

On our website’s Audio Peripherals page there are over sixty references from various manufacturers classified by application and environmental constraints, however if your requirements are specific please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice.

I have an ATEX qualified radio, do I need an ATEX certified head-set to use with it?

Yes it is well advised to use only ATEX qualified head-sets with an ATEX radio.

What is a PTT-APPI and how do I use one?

The Push To Talk (PTT) is connected between the headset and the radio, allowing for switching between conference mode communication and classic PTT mode communication.

How do I connect my Bluetooth enabled headset to the APPI-Com radio?

The APPI-Com radio can already detect the recommended Bluetooth enabled headsets, but can be used with most modern Bluetooth headset available on the market.
For the pairing and connection steps please refer to the radio User’s Guide or contact us.

How do I connect the APPI-Com radio to a Smart phone via Bluetooth to receive and make phone calls?

Thanks to the limitless Smartphone connectivity options range is no longer a limit.
You may receive and make calls from your phone and include these conversations into the APPI-Com network.
For the steps to do this please refer to the User’s Guide or contact us.




My radio doesn’t switch on anymore.

Please ensure the radio is fully charged and if not charge it via USB. If it still doesn’t switch on after fully charged please contact us.

How do I reduce the ambient noise I hear from my teammates?

It is up to them to adjust the VOX setting on their microphone to reduce unnecessary ambient noise being carried through the conference communication. The QuickStart Guide explains how to do this step by step.

CH BUSY is displayed flashing on the screen at start-up.

This means somebody’s already communicating on that channel and the APPI-Com radio will simply skip to the next available channel automatically.

I no longer hear my team mates / my team mates no longer hear me?

  • Adjust the volume.
  • Verify the head-set connector is well inserted.
  • Verify the correct radio channel is used.
  • Verify the correct KIT number is used.
  • Bring the microphone closer to the mouth if it can be adjusted.
  • Interference and perturbations. Try physically moving to a more suitable place free from interference.
  • In case of a bone-conduction type of head-set please refer to the specific use of these devices in the following video. See tutorial video.
  • In case of the use of a PTT APPI please ensure the correct switch setting is used for the application (PTT or Conference mode).
  • Other headsets not mentioned ? Please contact us.

I hear a type of busy signal beeping when I try to speak.

  • You are in the “”MULTI” mode setting and either other members are currently speaking or their microphones are capturing too much ambient noise. May require adjusting VOX microphone level etc. (see QuickStart)
  • Wait that the other “MULTI” speakers in the group stop speaking.

Other radios in the group do not show as active and connected.

  • They are either not activated or out of range. May require to switch them on or to bring them within range of the others.
  • You may not be on the same channel. Change to the correct channel.

I keep receiving DISCONNECTED / CONNECTED automated messages.

  • Ensure that your antenna has not been unscrewed by accident (but do not force it!)
  • It may be that another KIT is operating on the same channel and is within interference range of yours. Move to an adjacent channel to reduce cross-talk, say from channel 1 to 4 or from 5 to 10 to create further distance between frequency channels.


What is contained on the USB key provided with the radio kits?

  • The radio User’s Guide
  • Various introductory videos
  • The Windows Configuration Software

Do I need to configure my radios?

At APPI-Technology we already do this in factory ready to use of the shelf.

What permits custom radio configuration?

The Windows Configuration Software becomes useful in the following cases :

  • To replace a radio from a KIT to another KIT number.
  • Constituer de nouveaux KITs
  • To activate / Deactivate certain functions.
  • To adjust certain functions or to optimise them.
  • To change the communication mode of the radio, for instance to change from “TALK” to “LISTEN” mode.

Is the Configuration software compatible with my PC?

The Windows Configuration Software is compatible with all Windows machines from XP onwards.

How do I install this software on my Windows machine?

Once you insert the USB Key into your designated machine, double click on the “Autorun.exe” files, then on “Install” to launch the software installation.

I have some difficulty using this software, so where can I get some help with this software?

You are encouraged to peruse the end of the User’s Guide for the APPI-Com radio system, where the software is treated in much further depth, or simply contact our technical support.

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Contact our technical experts to help you.