APPI-Smart: the safety App!

Patents pending

APPI-Smart® app offers new features for lone workers or confined spaces: the system can now automatically establish a voice communication, and send out status and safety alerts in real-time to remote correspondents!


Designed as the APPI-Com’s natural extension, the APPI-Smart app allows to:

  • Automatically sends alerts to pre-registered contacts, triggered by an immobility detection (LWP, Lone Worker Protection, is a needed option on the APPI-Com Radio).
  • Offers an access to the mobile network (LTE/3G/4G) for workers in “network denied areas” like confined spaces, sewers, tunnels, underground, etc.
  • Remotely controls your APPI-Com radio.


APPI products are designed and manufactured in France. Patents are filed in France and abroad.

An automated alert system to enhance safety!

APPI-Smart improves communication means and alert management for lone workers: the application instantaneously sends immobility alert via text messages and e-mail, both dated and GPS localized, and establishes a vocal link with remote correspondents (call centers, etc.) without any manipulation!

An easy access to the mobile phone network

APPI-Smart features the Beep-to-Call (double tap on the central button ► phone call): in addition to notifying your teammates (« Beep » feature), the referent contact is called and can be included in the APPI conversation, ideal when the operation team needs external support!



Securing workers in the network-denied areas


Thanks to a radio or wired link, an APPI-Com radio located in a zone accessing LTE / 3G / 4G network can communicate with other APPI-Com radios having no access: workers in a sewer or confined space can now work safely and communicate among themselves and with the external world, plus any “man down” alert will be sent out for their safety!

Remotely control your APPI-Com

Wearing a protection suit (chemistry, CBRN, laboratory, etc.) often prevents users from accessing their radio during for any settings or change: APPI-Smart acts like a remote control, with an interface that mirrors the APPI-Com screen and includes a Push-To-Talk as well.

An app in constant evolution

The APPI-Technology team remains open to your comments and suggestions: please share your thoughts to help us improve your safety!


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