Direct connexion or accessory cables

The intercom cable connects two APPI-Com networks from each side of a thick barrier (metallic, concrete walls, Faraday cage, etc.) to allows conversation on each side of the barrier, or to a mobile phone to record the conversation or enable a remote person to participate to the team conversation even 100 Km away !

Simpler, a cable can extend the length from the headset to the module that can then be immersed in a pit…
Designation Reference
Cable Intercom APPI 10m BS-APC-CAINT10
Cable Intercom APPI 30m BS-APC-CAINT30
Cable Intercom APPI 50m BS-APC-CAINT50
Cable Intercom iPhone BS-APC-CAINTiPH
Cable Listen iPhone BS-APC-CAECOiPH
Cable Headset extender – 10m BS-APC-CAHSEXT10