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Hands-free Com. Anywhere. Anytime

APPI-Com KIT: LWP and hands-free radio (Full-duplex)

Ultra-light and user friendly: essentials for a natural conversation


APPI-Com is a Long Range Wireless Intercom for professionals, for the whole team: from 2 to 10 people... or more!
Its small size and ease of use also makes it the product suited to sports enthusiasts and recreationists. APPI-Com allows a natural conversation between an unlimited number of users despite physical obstacles (walls, floors, etc.), despite protective equipment being worn..
The digital coded wireless network is deployed within seconds, on a license-free radio band allowing the use of APPI-Com practically everywhere and independently: LWP and Hands-free radio, Anywhere and Anytime!
From common and familiar places to extreme work environments, APPI-Com with its water-tight shell (IP67) shell, and its colored protective covers can even be customized to match your style or work regulations!
APPI products are designed and manufactured in France. Patents are filed in France and abroad Compare Appi-Com versions

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